Gamification in online casinos Fad or trend of the future?

Advances in online gaming thanks to smartphone and tablet technology have made it more accessible than ever with hundreds of online casinos appearing each year. With so much competition many casinos turn to seemingly “too good to be true” welcome offers to try and win your custom. But what about when that’s all been gambled away? How do they keep you coming back time and again?

The future for UK Casinos – Gamification? Regulation?

Gamified online casinos becoming the norm?

By giving away free spins no deposit required on signup, many UK online casinos allowed you to start your journey and to get on the ladder to unlcoking further bonuses. They draw you into a gamified system of challenge and reward. The gamification of UK casinos is an interesting development that may be reigned in by regulation.

Online Casino Gamification increases engagement

Many casinos are turning to gamification to engage with their players and encourage long term play and loyalty. Gamification is nothing new though, in fact it’s become huge part of our lives whether through social media, education or even in business. The simple process of applying elements of game playing such as levelling up, point scoring, role playing or leader boards to other areas of activity to encourage engagement is something you are likely to have come across.In many ways gamification is opening up the world of online gambling to a whole new breed of player, making it a more accessible and socially acceptable pastime. Dressing up casino games as video games can imply a level of skill is involved as opposed to simply being games of chance. Virtual slots have adopted wilds, multipliers and scatters to add an additional level of interactivity although rarely impact on the end results. You can try these for yourself with some of the free spins and no deposit bonuses we offer.

Nowadays more and more casinos are taking things to the next level with their whole business model centred on a gamified approach to online gambling. Creating opportunities for players to level up, earn virtual currency or adopt online profiles has proven to help casinos not only attract new customers but keep them coming back again and again. We’ve explored some of these methods in more detail…

Casumo have based themselves around the act of levelling-up through reaching various achievements which is a widely used gamification technique. Working very much in the same way as you’d find in a video game, your character gains new abilities and powers as you reach new levels in the game. By playing games and achieving set goals you’ll be able to unlock new levels which will give you access to content that wasn’t there before, this could be in the form of exclusive games, tournaments or bigger and better bonuses. Some casinos like Casumo have taken this to the next stage where you adopt your own character or avatar. This kind of immersive casino experience is not only enjoyable but can be highly rewarding too!

Virtual Currency and rewards systems

A great example of gamification is the use of virtual currency which is something that has been adopted by the likes of Casino Heroes, Kaboo and Casino Room. Virtual currency is a great way to earn rewards whilst doing something you love. Casinos are basically giving you something for nothing as in most cases you don’t need to do anything extra to earn your currency. This is great for players as they can earn free spins, cash and real life prizes and great for the casino as they get you as a loyal customer!

Online Casino resistance to gamification

Some casinos choose to steer clear as many feel it can put off serious gamblers and high rollers and encourages only low risk, novice gamers only willing to lose the odd fiver. Arguably it actually creates a more responsible approach to gambling with players less likely to completely burn out and end up self-excluding. It can also result in loyal, long term customers that are likely to keep coming back and share their experiences with friends.

Bringing all these aspects of gamification to online casinos makes the whole experience even more enjoyable, making it feel as though the casino itself is a game to be played. They can help you make the most out of your gaming session without blowing your budget. They can even be pretty rewarding in some cases! The social aspect is a great way to interact and partake in some friendly banter as well as sharing your achievements and wins with friends on social media. We’ve seen more and more casinos become ‘gamified’ with ever more wild and imaginative themes, we’re totally hooked and can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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